When you think of the name Toto, you likely think of ultra efficient toilets that come loaded with features like integrated washing systems and remote controls. The company also makes a number of more affordable options that will look great in your bathroom and provide you with all the comfort that you need.

Our leading choice is one of the more expensive models, but this toilet uses less water per flush and has a cyclone flushing system that removes all waste from the bowl. The toilets from Toto that we ranked are available in a range of prices too.

Ultimate Toto Toilet for the Money

If you want to feel like a king or queen each time you use the bathroom, the Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF 700H Dual Flush Toilet is the perfect throne for you. This toilet gets rid of the pesky back tank that just gets in your way and uses a one-piece design that puts everything in a single piece that serves as both the tank and the base. It has a Comfort height design that keeps you from straining and a double cyclone flushing system that is effective at removing waste.

You’ll also have access to a water spray that cleans your bottom and eliminates the need for toilet paper as well as a temperature control for the heated seat. Its hands-free design lets you flush without touching the toilet. You’ll also love that this Toto toilet is ultra efficient and uses just one gallon of water or less per flush.


Top 6 on the Market Today

1. Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 1.0 GPF

The best Toto toilet for the money is this Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF 700H Dual Flush Toilet, which uses between 0.8 and one gallons of water per flush to make your bathroom more water efficient.

Its double cyclone flushing system releases two powerful cyclones each time you flush to remove waste and debris higher inside the basin as well as waste clinging to the sides or beneath the surface of the water.

Though it uses just one piece and lacks a separate tank, the toilet has an elegant design that sits higher off the floor to help you get in a perfect position.

With its hands-free design, you no longer need to touch a dirty handle or pick up germs when you use the bathroom.

You’ll also get a remote control that you can use to lift and lower the seat, flush the toilet and make system changes while standing on the other side of the room. The included seat is a soft close seat that gently drops down to close off the water inside the toilet to kids and pets.

Its elongated bowl is a little larger than you might think and can accommodate users of different sizes and weights. The heated seat on the base will keep your bottom warm on even the coldest of nights, and you can adjust that temperature too.

Toto also included a water spray with this model that has different settings to help you clean up and relax in the bathroom.


2. Toto MS970CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF

One of the main reasons why Toto is so popular with shoppers is because the company offers unique features like those found on this Toto MS970CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet.

This is actually a Washlet system that just happens to come with its own toilet. That Washlet system acts like a bidet and has a powerful water feature that you can use to clean your bottom and private areas after using the bathroom, and you’ll like that you can adjust the direction, flow, power, and setting of that spray.

The dual Max flushing system on this toilet lets you select the amount of water that you want to use per flush, and the two buttons will use 0.9 gallons for flushing of liquid materials or 1.28 gallons to flush down solid waste. This one-piece toilet has an automatic flushing feature that flushes the toilet as soon as you stand.

You can also lift and lower the seat without actually touching the toilet.

Its illuminated touchpad, which you can see clearly in daylight and at nighttime, lets you save settings for up to two users, which will make the system remember all your favorite settings. A built-in air deodorizer sends out a spray after you use the toilet to disinfect and freshen the air in the bathroom.

This Toto toilet also comes with a dryer that uses warm air to dry your body and a remote control that you can use to adjust the settings, flush the toilet or even turn on the heated seat.


3. Toto CT970CEMFG#01 G500

While using a bidet or a Washlet system is common in parts of Europe, it isn’t quite as common in North America, which is why the company offers this Toto CT970CEMFG#01 G500 Toilet Bowl Unit, which gives you all the features of its more expensive models but removes the Washlet system.

This toilet has the same great profile that you like, which helps you get into a more comfortable position, as well as an elongated bowl and an integrated seat. It even comes in a soft cotton finish that will match the style of most bathrooms.

This toilet bowl unit has a universal height that puts your feet a little higher off the ground, which can help you feel more comfortable during longer sessions, and it is compliant with ADA regulations too.

As it weighs only 90 pounds, you’ll find that you can install it on your own. Like other Toto toilets, it has two flushing buttons that change the amount of water used per flush for removing liquid or solid waste.

A ceramic glaze added to the toilet is resistant to common types of damage like scratches and also keeps the inside of the toilet bowl free from germs and bacteria. Each time that you flush the toilet, which has an automatic setting for flushing, the water inside helps clean the bowl.

It also comes with the remote control designed by Toto for adjusting the seat, lifting or lowering the seat, flushing the toilet or accessing other features.


4. Toto MS626214CEFG#01 Aimes One-Piece

Many people like the design of one-piece toilets but miss having the support of an attached tank, but this Toto MS626214CEFG#01 Aimes One-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet is great for those shoppers because it incorporates a back tank as part of its design.

The built-in double cyclone flushing system sends out two cyclones with each flush to eliminate waste and completely clean the bowl. As it uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush, it meets the standards for efficient toilets.

Toto created a ceramic glaze that prevents mold from growing on the toilet and keeps waste from sticking to the surface, which means that it requires less cleaning than other toilets, but you’ll also find that this glaze lets you use fewer products and less water to clean the toilet.

Toto includes a trip lever and gives you the option of choosing the lever in a polished nickel, chrome or brushed nickel finish to match the design and look of your bathroom.

With the patented soft close seat designed by Toto, you won’t worry about the seat crashing down when you stand because it gently drops down and just as gently touches the base. This toilet comes in a universal height that is suitable for users of all types, including those with handicaps or disabilities.

Toto offers this model in a soft cotton finish and designed an elongated bowl that offers more support for users who are larger or weigh more.


5. Toto MS634114CEFG#12 Supreme-2

One of the unique toilets that the company makes is this Toto MS634114CEFG#12 Supreme-2 One-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet with SanaGloss, which has a lower profile that is more suitable for those accustomed to older toilets.

Though it is a one-piece toilet, it features a design that mimics the look of a two-piece toilet and includes an integrated tank on the back that offers support for your back as you sit. Designed for installing right against the wall, this toilet sticks out slightly and has an elongated bowl for extra support and comfort.

The SanaGloss glaze that Toto designed is a type of ceramic glaze that repels waste and debris to keep things from sticking to the inside of the bowl, but the glaze also covers the outside of the toilet to prevent mold.

This ceramic glaze does such a great job of keeping the toilet clean that you’ll need to clean it less often and use fewer cleaning products on it. The flushing mechanism on the side of the tank has a chrome finish that pairs nicely with the beige finish of the toilet.

Its low-profile tank gives you the comfort of a tank but reduces the overall size to make this toilet work well in a smaller bathroom. This toilet is compliant with CalGreen standards and regulations in certain states.

Toto included its patented soft close seat to keep kids and adults from banging the seat down after using the toilet.


6. Toto MS654114MF#01 1.6GPF

This Toto MS654114MF#01 1.6GPF and 0.9GPF Aquia One-Piece Toilet is perfect for those looking to renovate their bathrooms on a budget because it will last just as long as other toilets from Toto but costs much less.

Though you might think that a cheaper toilet cannot keep up with the needs and demands of your family, you’ll find that this one is great for all homes and all users. It features a button in the center of the tank lid to flush and a second button on the base for flushing, and depending on which button you use, the toilet will use between 0.9 and 1.66 gallons of water per flush.

The Aquia is both ADA compliant as well as CalGreen compliant and is a universal height toilet that meets installation standards.

Though it does have its own tank, this is an integrated or built-in tank that can support your upper and lower back without taking up the space that a separate tank would. The toilet weighs around 100 pounds and works with any 12-inch rough-in.

Made from vitreous china, the toilet doesn’t have the glaze found on other models, but the china is durable enough for use in homes with multiple users. This China is also resistant to scratches and maintains its color all the way through to reduce the look of any other type of damage.

It also has a built-in seat with an elongated design that will not come off the base.